Its hard to believe I spent 5 months in Manila. Time went so fast yet so slow. My last few days in Manila were good. My staff were sweet and threw me a mini farewell afternoon tea – was very nice!



They gave me some lovely gifts, a purple scarf, hand written card that quoted all the funny sayings I had said to them, a parker pen and a ring with a shoe on it. They also got me a big chocolate cake that was suppose to say BRC but the cake company wrote RBC instead………welcome to the Philippines, pretty fun!

IMG_3277The group are great, some quirky, others quiet, all funny – I will miss them! And my dear friend Sarah (fellow Aussie expat) – had some good times! I will also miss my other aussie expats including my manager. Manila was good!



The flight home went quick, flying at night is heaps better. But tiring! I am super happy to be home with Simon and my pups!



It is freezing in Melbourne. And its not even winter yet. I’ve come from 30 degree days with humidity to cold rainy days of 16 to 20 degree’s. Come’n Melbourne, Seriously!!



I have 2 weeks off work which I desperately needed. I need a break, some sleep ins, and to reclaim my house. Simon has done a great job living on his own these past 5 months but I’m ready to put things back into order. Plus, love spending time with these 2, they keep me on my toes!



Jemima won!

I have the oxfam walk this weekend – Myself, Simon, my Bro in law Alex and good friend Katrina are braving it. Far out, why did I commit to it again. But I’m excited. I probably haven’t done enough training but really, there is nothing you can do to prepare for 100km. Mind over matter. So think of us this weekend as we are walking, it will be cold and painful (eventually!) so fingers crossed for me and my team.

Thanks for following my blog, I may not reply to the comments but I always appreciate them and get exited when someone comments – means people are actually reading!

Love Kathleen XO