Its D day!! 😀 Its Departure day. Time to go home to my hubby. I’m ready. Having been here for 5 months, life has literally been on hold. And honestly I haven’t minded it mostly. It is more being away from Simon that has been the negative.

But Manila has been good to me. Yesterday a colleague asked me what I was thinking the Philippines was like prior to first coming here – to be honest, I have no idea. I had never traveled overseas before so my expectations were not high. I did however get a bit of a shock when I first saw the traffic. I arrived towards the end of November and Filippino’s start celebrating Christmas in the ‘ber’ months. That’s right, from September on-wards  So by the time November/December arrived, Traffic was CRAZY! And the road rules – well I still have quiet worked them out!


Some of the things I wont miss about the Philippines are – the way everyone walks so SLOW! Or the way they all hold hands (a group of friends) and walk down the street, or the fact that they still cant understand my accent and I have to repeat things 20 times and hope I get what I actually asked for.

One thing I will miss seeing around though is the Jeepneys. Melbourne has Trams but gosh I wish we could have Jeepneys too. They look super cool and even though I didn’t get the opportunity to ride one, one day I hope to experience it just once.

IMG_3267I will also miss all the friends I have made. People are so nice here and I have really appreciated how welcoming and accepting they are. Thank-goodness for Facebook because that is most likely how we’ll keep in contact.

IMG_3262*Gorgeous Melody from the Business Lounge


*Cute little Myra from work!


*My staff (mostly on the left) and my work colleagues (also aussie expats!)


Its time – time to go home, return to normal life, be back with my hubby and puppies. I’m super excited about seeing them! And my family and friends who I have missed incredibly (I hope they remember who I am 😉 ).

But most of all, the best reward, is getting to come home to this person –


Fingers crossed my flight is on time, no delays or problems, Australia I’m ready to come home!

Love Kathleen XO

PS: Cant wait to see these little faces!