I’ve fallen in love with Manila. And the biggest reason for this is the people. Off course I’ve shared with you my hotel experience, I’ve had some issues with the room’s but the staff here make my stay special. As a business customer, I get access to the business lounge. And boy am I grateful for that! The business lounge is a place where I can have breakfast, relax on a couch, catch up with other work colleagues and have drinks after work (Ginger Ale for me!). It gives me another space to relax in other then my room.

The Ladies in the business lounge look after everyone! They are the sweetest, kindest, most gorgeous people I have met in the Philippines.

IMG_2751When you walk into the lounge, you are greeted instantly by the ladies at the desk. Anything I need, they will do. They help me with exchanging cash, room service requests, sight seeing plans, plus much much more. They make my stay great. I know all the ladies but off course I have a few favorites.




Excuse the poor pic of me, however the main beauty in this pic is Hersey. She is very smart and gorgeous and has a beautiful smile (Pic doesn’t do it justice). She mans the desk at the front and whatever I need she organizes. I love her name! She is named after the chocolate Hersey, she also has a sister called Nestle. Cracks me up! Hersey is being promoted and will be moving downstairs to one of the restaurants as a manager. I’ll miss seeing her everyday but at least she’ll still be in the hotel!



This is Ivy – she is always so happy and makes me feel happier just being around her. Sometimes she works in the lounge, other times she’s at the desk. She is always so accommodating and treats me like a friend. She is expecting her first child (see the little bump!) so is moving to a different role somewhere in the hotel where she can sit down more. Gosh I’ll miss this lady, she’s so cute!



Jeira is a little angel. She serves all the business guests in the lounge. Without me even needing to ask, by the time I’ve picked a table and sat down – the minute my bum hits the seat she already has my ginger ale and chips, so efficient!. We also have a “I love your hair” relationship. She has beautiful straight black hair in a bob which suits her perfectly which I love. She also loves my hair. She is obsessed with the colour of my hair and wants to dye it the same. Because she cant, she went and bought a wig that is the same hair colour as mine! Gosh she cracks me up! I feel a bit obsessed over! Jeira is like the little friend everyone wants, a real angel!



Then there is Melody, I absolutely love this woman! She is my favorite and i miss her when she’s not working. She is sooo beautiful, inside and out. She is my friend & my confidant. She works so hard serving all the business customers and she always makes sure i’m looked after first. She is adorable! I got to know Melody really well as I was often visiting the lounge to just sit and relax and she could tell I was missing Simon. Her and I have had great conversations and her life completely inspires me. Her husband works far away for 8 months out of the year. She misses him a lot but they talk whenever they can and they both work so hard to provide a good life for their little daughter. Everything Melody does is for her daughter, the same applies for her husband. If he could work closer to home, he would, but the type of work he does is out of town. To be apart 8 months out of the year – every year – is soooo hard!

IMG_2752So there I was one day whinging about missing Simon who I’ve been lucky to see on average every 4-6 weeks – and yet Melody has to wait 8 months. She helps me realize how lucky I truly am and we both have a whinge together about missing our husbands. She is so strong! Her and her husband have a true love! We also muck around sometimes, laugh, chat and carry on. We get a few strange looks from other guests but I don’t care. Melody is my friend and I will miss her terribly when I leave but we’ve made great plans to facebook and email!

These ladies make my stay so much more comfortable. If I was stuck in a hotel room with just my bed and TV i’d go in sane. These ladies keep me sane. Filipino people are the nicest people you will ever meet. They do not like confrontation (not always a good thing) and are the experts when it comes to customer service. I love these ladies – my day is not complete without saying hi to at least one of them during my day.

I absolutely love Manila and the people.

Love Kathleen xo